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Good Afternoon,

I am exhausted. I didn't have school today so I watched The History Channel... not my choice though. I am somewhat anxious.

I wish I could trust people, for some reason I always think someone is out to get me in one way or another.

Maybe I need new people in my life, maybe I need a change of scenery... maybe I just need a new brain that has the components a bad ass would have. I need to be a bad ass. I need to be independent, I don't need anybody.

That's what I need.

Anywho... something is awfully suspicious.
And I am just as blind as you are.


Evening For The Wealthy

I haven't any money tonight, that's why I'm on my own tonight.

That is a little parody of Jeff Buckley/The Smiths.
But really I shouldn't be doing that.

Had a nice visit with my mom. I bought a Manorah! I plan on celebrating Hannakah this year!! I love doing that sort of thing.

Hmm not much going on tonight. I am just finishing up some last minute homework. Getting ready for this whole thing to be done and over with! I am ready to move out, get my own place and find a decent job.

College seems pointless. I just want to write!


Oscar Starts Us Off

"Wilde" Quote of The Day: "If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you. "



Ellow Meanders,

I am sitting here, feeling a bit blue. I had a fantastic visit with my step mom, I really miss the family. It sort of brings up that old saying "Grass isn't always greener."

I mean, I am getting a FREE college education right now. I was qualified, this is what's best for me. But at the same time, I wish I got to participate in all the activities a Senior would. Such as walking for Grad. I really miss my wonderful friends. They were fantastic people who accepted me for the crazy kitten I was. Ryan is still a very close friend, and I know I'll never lose that bond. But all the others, all the acquaintances. I love them all. The people that made that town. All so friendly and polite. I still catch myself saying good morning to everyone I walk past... I'm not so used to the cold shoulder. I miss feeling at home I suppose. Even if I was a mere resident, I felt like I was part of the community. Even though I was a crazy American... they accepted me. I just wish I could hug them all again, and not let go!

I miss being a peer tutor and being on the stage. I miss REAL ENGLISH! Where I could write my little heart alive. I miss Canadian history... and ugh!

I have to remember what I am doing is good... free education, most would kill for that.

But sometimes, my memories get the best of me.


Oscar Wilde

Oh how I love him, especially now. I love everything about that man... well almost everything. I wish I had his brain. I would put it in my very own head.

Mmm, Good morning Doves,

I think it's canny I think of a new animal to call all of you (or one of you haha) everyday.

I thought dove was appropriate seeing how Christmas is only 20 days away now. 4/5 to go. Lovely. I still haven't had a chance to buy gifts. BUT!! Chip is going to get pictures with Santa today. Chip is my adorable 6 month old Chocolate lab. His Full name is Chocolate Chip Harrison Warhol Hepburn and now Wilde Sannes. Chocolate Chip Harrison Warhol Wilde Sannes. His name would have been Warhol but my Grandma didn't like it... nor did she like Kipper. That was a fantastic series.

Well I am feeling lively today :) School is almost out for the holiday, and I am going to Canada! And plan to get a tattoo (shhh). My Grandma musn't know... and if she finds out, I'm out!

I do miss Canada quite a bit. I miss my family and friends... I am considering going up there for University. I want to go to uVic. We'll see though.

Oh and summer is going to be grand. I am going up to England with Ryan and Ben :D and we're going to Download Fest!! WOooHp!

Well I'm off!
Going to go get my baby computer from Geek Squad. Whom I dislike with a passion!!

Can Lady Gage be anymore innovative!

Comparing a Christmas Tree to a man's you know.
Here's a new Christmas classic!

Christmas Tree by Lady Gaga

Ra pa pam pam (whoa) (4x)

Light me up with me on top lets falalalala lalalala
Light me up with me on top lets falalalala lalalala
The only place you wanna be is underneath my Christmas tree
The only place you wanna be is underneath my Christmas tree
Light me up with me on top lets falalalala lalalala
Light me up with me on top lets falalalala lalalala

Ho ho ho (Ra pa pam pam) under the mistletoe (Ra pa pam pam)
Yes everybody knows (Ra pa pam pam)
We will take off our clothes (Ra pa pam pam)
Yes if you want us to we will you

Oh oh a Christmas, My Christmas tree is delicious
Oh oh a Christmas, My Christmas tree is delicious

Space Cowboy
Light you up with you on top lets falalalala lalalala (lets go!!)
Light you up with you on top lets falalalala lalalala (lets go!!)
Ho ho ho (Ra pa pam pam) under the mistletoe (Ra pa pam pam)
Yes everybody knows (Ra pa pam pam)
We will take off our clothes (Ra pa pam pam)
Yes if you want us to we will, you

Lady Gaga
Oh oh oh Christmas, My Christmas tree is delicious
Oh oh oh Christmas, My Christmas tree is delicious

Here here here (Ra pa pam pam)
The best time of the year (Ra pa pam pam)
Take off my stocking’s we’re
I’m spreading Christmas cheer
And i’f you want us to we will, you

Oh oh a Christmas, my Christmas tree is delicious
Oh oh a Christmas, my Christmas tree is delicious

Space Cowboy, Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga and she goes
Space Cowboy, Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga
Here we go
Cherry cherry boom boom!

Take note of my sarcasm. Please...


You will read alot about it on my blog. I am a hopeless romantic.

Anyways I had a moment today while watching Grey's Anatomy. I bought the 5th season, and the finally was nearing. Izzy had been diagnosed with 4th stage Melanoma which had spread to her liver, skin and brain... and she has this ass of a boyfriend named Alex. But lately he has been growing on me. Anyways he ended up marrying this dying woman... and it makes you think what heights someone will go to be with someone else... and how much he desired to be with her and keep her alive.

I want that. I mean yes, I have a boyfriend. And we are both too young to realize what true love is so I won't hold him accountable if my brain starts to fry and he has no clue what to do. But just someone who sees you as their everything... in their eyes you are perfect and nothing will take that away. They can't picture their life without you. They want to wake up and see your mangled body and kiss your dying lips... and they would be perfectly content with that.


Dec. 4th, 2009

I am obsessed with tracking the gifts I have purchased. Every 5 minutes or so I'll paste one of the codes I have copied into the bar, and bam! No results... my items have remained "found in stock" Poo.

Today has consisted of sleeping in, taking my last Human Sexuality quiz and making a wish list for Urban Outfitters. They have great decor, I added an Alice and Wonderland pillow cases, bird curtain hooks and so much more. Lots of goodies. This is all for Extreme Makeover Amanda's Childhood Room addition... I still have the same cloud and blue sky bedding. It's time to update. I picked out a Hydrangea Bouquet Duvet, it's lovely. Black and white. Mmmm :) As well as a birdcage decal. I love!!!! birds. There is so much that I want at Urban Outfitters. It's so pricy though. Oh well, never hurts to look.

I am going all vintage-mod. If that's possible haha. I love it though. I am going to love that room.

Check out my wishlist to see for yourself. These are just ideas I know alot won't match plus I plan to look elsewhere. I do know the bedspread and the bird theme is for certain though... And all the other random goodies that don't involve birds.

Cheerio Dawls.

Christmas Is In Season

Good Evening Kittens!!

The end of the quarter is nearing :D
I cannot wait for my Piano class.

I ordered Tyler's present... I got him an engraved titanium band from Zales... it was somewhat pricy (for me at least) thank goodness he prefers titanium over every other metal. For that I thank him. It is also great he doesn't have LiveJournal, therefore I can talk about there sorts.

I am sure he caught on anyways... I was asking him about it (you know styles, metals and whether or not to engrave the ring) saying it was for my dad.

I am sure he knows. I am horrible at surprises... Oh well. I can say I tried. Boys are just so hard to shop for, you don't know what to get them... or if they'll like it.
And this being our 3rd christmas... I wanted it to be meaningful, so it had to be some sort of jewelry. But then with men you are always taking a risk by buying them jewelry.
But I know he'll like it :)

School was bleh. I turned in my book report, did my presentation on Teachers of Color. A huge weight has been lifted. Now my next step is to start revamping my room.

I have a terrific layout planned. I'm going to paint my walls a nice calm purple. Then I am going to hang up strictly black and white pictures (framed) of my idols, family and friends. I plan to purchase a black and white patterned bed spread, with matching shams and pillowcases. Along with black sheets and black throw pillows. I want black curtains as well. I'll wrap vines around my head board, put a daybed by my window and a nice white shag rug for the floor. Awe :) Sounds delightful. Of course this will all be in a matter of time... A project persay. Though it would be great to walk in and see it all fancy.

Hmmm :)

Any ways. Going up north to do a bit of shopping Saterday.
I set up the mini Christmas Tree, and made spanish rice for dinner.

Oh and Zemanek and I are planning a Canoe trip.
Life is fabulous.


Feed The Addiction

There. I am officially addicted to blogging. Happy?

So my baby laptop had a virus... and I just spent 250 dollars at BestBuy. 66 of those dollars just for a diagnoses Blake could have done for free... I now want to jab my eyes out.

Thanks Blake for not telling me this til now!
and a big thanks to Geek Squad for being dicks!